What I Offer

I offer a wide variety of services including album art, poster design,  t-shirt & merchandise design, logo design, personal commissions, and pretty much anything else that requires illustrating.  If you have a serious idea that you want to see manifested in 2D form, don’t hesitate to ask!


The artwork on the cover of your next CD/record/cassette/wax phonograph can make or break it; having solid artwork will always attract more people than something that looks like your friend from high school whipped up in MS Paint.


Countless Facebook events go un-RSVPed everyday.  Instead of hiring Sarah McLachlan to guilt people into going to your show, maybe you need a sweet poster to lure your guests. Maybe your guests want to commemorate the experience with a limited edition screen print too.


Logo design is extremely important, whether you want something clean and legible, pointy and chaotic, emblematic, etc. A logo should accurately represent and identify your band, record label, booking company, or any other business/purpose.  It should also look really cool on a bumper sticker.


Your true fans will always want to support you by purchasing merchandise, whether it’s a t-shirt, hoodie, tanktop, hat or fashionable canvas tote for light grocery shopping. Black and white, limited color and full color options are all available.


Celebrate your dog with a portrait; win brownie points from your significant other with an illustration of one of your cute inside jokes; creep out your family with Krampus greeting cards. Anything that can be drawn, I will draw.